Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HALLOWEEN LASHES REVISITED: A 2-Minute D.I.Y. Project That's Sure To Make You Sparkle

Hello, Beautiful Unicorns!
Try this super quick D.I.Y. project to reuse your false lashes from Halloween.

For Halloween 2014 I was a sparkly silver unicorn. 
(See my full costume HERE)

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No outfit (especially a Halloween costume) is complete without fabulous makeup and no fabulous makeup is complete without a set of magnificent falsies. As you can see in the picture above, I'm wearing these Fright Night Pixie Dust False Eyelashes. Since I loved them so much, I wanted to wear them again on my birthday but they felt a little too dramatic. See how I toned them down with this step by step guide.

For this D.I.Y Project you'll need:

A small pair of scissors or nail clippers
Hydrogen Peroxide
A pair of dramatic false eyelashes (I'm using the bottom set)
Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Step 1: Drench a Q-Tip in Hydrogen Peroxide
Step 2: Thoroughly clean your nail clippers or scissors. Set aside to dry
Step 3: Drench a second Q-Tip in your eye makeup remover
Step 4: Clean all excess glue and mascara from your Halloween lashes
Step 5: Your nail clippers or scissors should be dry now, use them to cut the lashes in half

Before & After

That's it, so easy and look how fabulous my new shorter lashes looked on my birthday! Simply glue the inner corners of the lashes (where the lashes are shorter) on the outter corner of your eyes. This will ensure a smooth blend from your lashes to your new dramatic falsies.

Do you go all out with your birthday makeup?
Would you re-wear your dramatic false eyelashes?

Love, Light & Glitter Always,

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